Don’t Let Mold Harm Your Health

Mold is more than just unsightly; it can also cause serious health issues to you and your family. In fact, mold exposure can trigger health conditions such as asthma, immune system distress, and other life-threatening infections. Notably, mold needs nutrients and moisture to grow. Although mold can grow nearly anywhere, it often thrives in wet, damp environments. Put simply, if you’re wondering about the mycology of mold, it’s as simple is this: moisture, plus humidity often leads to mold growth.

As such, it’s vital you do everything you can to discourage environmental conditions that enable mold growth. Mold can cause myriad issues for your property and adversely affect its resale value if it’s not swiftly remedied.

Don’t Let Mold Ruin Your Property

If your property is suffering from severe mold infestation, you may feel helpless. However, Peesi Engineering of Cypress, TX will provide you with the expert mold testing services you need so you can understand why your property is vulnerable to mold growth, and what you need to do to not only correct things, but also to prevent future mold growth.

We offer the most cost-effective way to eradicate mold permanently. We have performed thousands of mold tests over our 20 years in business, and as evidenced by our stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau, we provide our clients with the answers they need to make their homes or business mold free again.

Common Places To Look For Mold

  • Bathrooms with poor ventilation
  • Leaky water pipes
  • Around roof leaks
  • Aftermath from a flood

If you have any questions about the mycology of molds or need mold services done on your home or business, contact Peesi Engineering today.